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CxReports is a product of Codaxy, a software company that has been creating various solutions for clients around the world for over a decade.

Through years of collaboration with clients in the accounting and finance sectors, we noticed that many of them were struggling with various aspects of the report generation process.

Creating an occasional report is not a big deal, but manually producing pixel-perfect reports that accurately showcase the data and fit your brand identity for hundreds of use cases is.

And while there are many reporting tools available on the market, most of them fall short in one way or another. Either they are not as user-friendly as they should be, packed with unnecessary features, or they require tedious manual intervention that does not scale well.

That’s why we decided to create CxReports, the only PDF report generator you’ll ever need.

Why choose CxReports over other report generation tools?

The intuitive, PowerPoint-like user interface ensures that you feel at home the moment you open the app. With an array of customization options, you can effortlessly tailor your reports, or choose from our selection of professionally designed templates for a visually stunning impact.

CxReports connects to your existing database, so there is no need for tiresome manual entry of figures. All reports are then generated automatically, all that’s left to do for you is adjust colors, fonts, or other visual elements, to create your pixel-perfect report. 

Once you’re done, you can export your creation in PDF for versatile use across platforms. Or you can use the automated email functionality and set up scheduled reports that will be generated according to your instructions and sent periodically via email.

But CxReports is not just the perfect tool for PDF report generation on its own, thanks to its API integration and Docker setup, IT professionals and developers can seamlessly integrate reporting into their systems or applications.

You can use our free version for as long as you want, or upgrade to a premium license for additional users, more features, and support.

If you are hesitant to download and try it yet, you can check out the app in this demo playground.

For any additional information, feel free to contact us.

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